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( 3CO01 ) Business, culture and change in context, ( 3CO02 ) Principles of analytics, ( 3CO03 ) Core behaviours for people professionals, ( 3CO04 ) Essentials of people practice, (5CO01) Organisational performance and culture in practice, (5CO02) Evidence-based practice, (5CO03) Professional behaviours and valuing people, (5HR01) Employment relationship management, (5HR02) Talent management and workforce planning, (5HR03) Reward for performance and contribution, (5LD01) Supporting self-directed and social learning, (5LD02) Learning and development design to create value, (5LD03) Facilitate personalised and performance focused learning, (5OS01) Specialist employment law, (5OS02) Advances in digital learning and development, (5OS03) Learning and development essentials, (5OS04) People management in an international context, (5OS05) Diversity and inclusion, (5OS06) Leadership and management development, (5OS07) Well-being at work, 7HR01 Strategic Employment Relations

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